Did you know College of Event Management offers flexible, non-risk study options for those not sure about their level of commitment? 

We offer one event management qualification course, a nationally accredited Diploma of Event Management SIT50322.

One course. Three ways to start.

Here’s how it works:

#1 – Join Event Foundation

Event Foundation is the first subject from our Diploma of Event Management course (SIT50322). Easy, engaging and fun, Event Foundation is a great way to gauge workload, commitment and interest with very little risk.

1 x Diploma subject / 5 weeks / min 10 hours per week

Benefits of studying Event Foundation:

  • Become accustomed to our user friendly and interactive learning portal
  • Meet your study peers
  • Get familiar with the practice of online learning
  • Establish a study routine
  • Receive a great introduction into the world of event management and MORE
  • Opt out after the conclusion of Event Foundation and receive an accredited Statement of Attainment which can be used for credit transfer anywhere in Australia. 

#2 – Continue into Event Express

Event Express comprises the next three subjects from our Diploma of Event Management course (SIT50322). If you loved the Event Foundation course, Event Express is a great way to continue your studies and gain further industry skills and knowledge…without committing to the whole Diploma course.

4 x Diploma subjects / 20 weeks / min 10 hours per week (includes Foundation)

Benefits of studying Event Express:

  • Receive access to Event Talent Agency for practical industry exposure
  • Gain a more thorough understanding of the role of the event management professional
  • Experience deeper collaboration with your peers
  • Study more complex event management content
  • Opt out after the conclusion of Event Express and receive an accredited Statement of Attainment which can be used for credit transfer to other related courses including university.

Note: At least 50% of Event Express students continue on to complete the whole Diploma course qualification.

#3 – Continue to Event Manager – Diploma of Event Management SIT50322

Event Manager is the complete Diploma of Event Management SIT50322 qualification. By now, you will have completed both Event Foundation and Event Express courses and can confidently decide whether you would like to complete the whole Diploma qualification.

Whole qualification / 12 months / min 10 hours per week (includes Foundation and Express)


  • Gain a comprehensive understanding of all facets of event management
  • Tap into the full potential of your creative self
  • Know how to create exciting, well executed events with confidence and skill
  • Experience the best chance of employment in a variety of event sectors
  • Gain the confidence to walk into your dream event role
  • Receive a nationally accredited qualification will can open doors not previously available

Need further explanation? Let’s have a look at a few common scenarios…

Scenario #1

Jac is keen to know more about a career in event management and whether it’s right for her. But she has a full-time job, two kids and has never studied online before. Rather than sign up to a 12 month course costing dollars and time she might not have she decides to enrol in a short course first. This option gives her a handy taster of what she would experience if she were to attempt a whole qualification.

Having been thoroughly engaged with the content of the short course and now aware of her weekly study commitment, she confidently decides to continue into the Event Manager – Diploma course. She completes the Diploma within 12 months and makes a successful transition into an event career. Win/win.


Everything I have learnt has helped me get to the next stages of my career and not even two months after graduating, I am a week off starting my first a position as an Event Assistant.”

— Kasy – Event Manager graduate

Scenario #2

Lindy works full time in admin and the organisation of internal events are often handed her way. But she’s less than comfortable with this situation because she realises there’s probably a better way to run her company’s events but doesn’t have the right skills or knowledge. She signs up for Event Express as a way to fulfil her Professional Development quota and receive some much needed guidance in the area of events. Her company partly pays for the course. She starts Event Foundation with everyone else then seamlessly moves on to complete Event Express.

During Express she makes the most of Event Talent Agency and gains some valuable practical experience at a local community arts festival which she really enjoys as it gives her a great taste of event life outside the corporate world. At the end of Express she exits and does not complete the full Diploma. She now has a lot more confidence in her current role knowing that she can hop back into complete the Diploma at a later date if she needs the whole qualification for career progression or if she wants to move into a dedicated event role in another company. 


My learning experience was very positive. I found the course very informative and I gained a great insight into the event industry world.

I loved how the course was online, you could go at your own pace, talk to others doing the course and was a good taster on the whole process of planning and executing an event. It also was great to see what kind of different events I would be interested in pursuing in the future.”

— Jessica – Event Foundation graduate

Scenario #3

Dave is in hospitality and loves it but knows that the day is fast approaching when he will want to move into a related role which can give him a more fulfilling and lucrative career trajectory. Events is an obvious and exciting choice for Dave and he decides to enrol in the Event Manager – Diploma course option knowing that having an accredited qualification in addition to his experience in hospitality will give him a great chance of landing a very decent events role. Like all students, he starts in Foundation, continues and completes Express and excitedly moves into the meaty part of the Diploma course which includes Event Business, Event Operations and the Major project. He works on the documentation for his own event and hopes one day to present his event in reality. 

All event management students, regardless of the course they’re enrolled in start at the same time in the Event Foundation course. There are two intakes per year. Offering different exit points give flexibility to those not sure about their level of commitment. So, given this kind of flexibility with your starting point, what are you waiting for?


Build your event career with the event experts. Study one of our specialised event management course this year and become one of the most sought-after event management graduates in Australia.

At College of Event Management we offer a range of specialised event courses. Contact us for more information about the right study path to equip you with the knowledge and practical experience to work as an event professional. 

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