Introduction to Crowd Science

Basic crowd science for major events

certification in event crowd safety, Crowd Control Course Online
12 weeks minimum
certification in event crowd safety, Crowd Control Course Online
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certification in event crowd safety, Crowd Control Course Online
certification in event crowd safety, Crowd Control Course Online

Introducing a bespoke short course by a leading crowd science expert Keith Still.

Add this internationally accredited certification to your existing event management toolkit. Enhance your knowledge, skill set and employability.


Course Description

This self-paced online course teaches the theory and application of crowd science for major events. Each topic covers an aspect of crowd science, crowd dynamics, crowd risk analysis, crowd safety and crowd/event modelling.

There are 16 core modules to complete:

  1. Introduction and Overview
  2. DIM-ICE Risk Analysis
  3. Crowd Dynamics – crowd density and crowd flow rates
  4. Crowd Modelling – mapping sites
  5. RAMP Analysis – routes, areas, movement and profiles/people
  6. Crowd Counting
  7. Crowd Monitoring and Influencing Behaviour
  8. Introduction to Queueing Systems
  9. Crowd Risk Analysis – Risk and Congestion Mapping
  10. Site Design – evaluating crowd flows
  11. Site Egress Analysis – case study
  12. Optimising Emergency Response Times
  13. Crowd Simulations
  14. Decision Analysis – Communications, risk and emergency responses
  15. Emergency Situations and Crowd Behaviour
  16. Course Summary


Upon completion of this course you will receive an Internationally Accredited Certificate of Achievement.

The course is approved by the International Institute of Risk and Safety Management


This course is self paced. It can be completed in a minimum of 12 weeks and students have a maximum timeframe of 12 months for completion


Enrolled students are supported on a needs basis and are responded to within a few hours. One-on-one sessions can be requested and assistance for assignments can also be requested. NOTE: Students are receiving direct assistance from Keith Still, one of the foremost authorities on the subject of crowd management.


The course is designed for anyone working in or interested in crowd management for events or a related field. No prior crowd safety knowledge is required.

This course opens your eyes to the potential issues with mass gatherings. It  provides the tools and knowledge to assess the event plans and proposed mitigation for major events. The delivery and information provided is beyond reproach. Glad to see the course in Australia.” CEO, Canberra Exhibition Park, Australia

Course benefits:

  1.  Valuable addition to any event manager’s toolkit
  2. Proven skills in crowd safety are a great addition to your CV
  3. Enhanced employment prospects or career progression


Keith Still has consulted on some of the world’s largest, and most challenging crowd safety projects. He has lectured at the UK Cabinet Office Emergency Planning College (EPC) where he contributed to a wide range of crowd safety related courses.

During his career Keith developed and used a range of sophisticated crowd modelling and simulation tools which have been used for the analysis of crowds in complex and built spaces for over two decades.

The objective of Keith’s research is to develop standards for crowd safety. Keith’s work remains true to that core principle.

Hear Keith talk about Introduction to Crowd Science HERE


Intro to Crowd Science FEES – $1200


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