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Are you an accredited college?

Yes. We are an Australian Registered Training Organisation (RTO code 70229).

Are your courses accredited?

The following courses and skill sets are accredited and nationally recognised under National Standards for RTOs regulated by the Australian Quality Skills Authority (ASQA):

Other courses are developed through industry consultation to meet the needs of a rapidly changing employment market. We pride ourselves on constantly evolving our content and learning experiences to provide the most up-to-date and relevant training for our students.

Certification and credentials are awarded for all successfully completed COEM courses. Please refer to specific course pages for more information.

Are your qualifications recognised internationally?

No they’re not. Australian qualifications, however are highly regarded internationally and often acknowledged as ‘best practice’.

Are your courses practical?

Yes. Our courses are designed to combine practical skills and relevant theory. Course content reflects the range of skills, knowledge, attitudes and values required to work in the events industry. Our Learning Facilitators are drawn from industry and possess years of practical experience in designing, producing and managing events of all types and scope.

In addition to reputable qualifications, employers need to see evidence of hands-on experience in events. That’s why our Industry Engagement Program (IEP) is such an integral and practical component of our courses.* We have relationships with hundreds of industry contacts providing you with fabulous volunteering, internship and paid opportunities on events of all kinds. There are so many opportunities to choose from you won’t have any trouble finding roles that suit your schedule and interests.**

If you are enrolled in a qualification, you will receive lifetime access to our in-house event recruitment agency, Event Jobs Online.

* IEP is available only to Event Manager students and alumni.
** See updated information in our COVID-19 information section below.

Will I have assessments?

Yes. Assessments are a requirement of most courses and are used to enable students and Learning Facilitators to effectively monitor performance and manage study loads. Assessment are spread throughout the course rather than having one or two large ‘exams’ and are designed to be practical and enjoyable.

Depending on your chosen course, a range of methods are used to assess student progress including quizzes, practical, research reports, presentations, portfolios, hypotheticals and case studies.

What are the entry criteria for my course?

Each course has its own entry criteria. Please refer to specific course pages for more information. Note:

  • An ATAR or similar is not required for application to any of our courses.
  • There are no course prerequisites for entry to qualifications. For example, you may enrol in an Event Manager course without having completed an Event Starter course.
  • You must be over 18 years of age to enrol in most of our courses. If you are under 18 please speak to a Course Advisor for further information.
  • You must demonstrate proficiency in written and spoken English.
  • Our courses are not accredited for Australian student visa or immigration purposes. We are unable to assist with student visa applications or transfers. Our courses are open to international students, onshore or offshore, who do not require a study visa.

When can I start studying?

All courses other than our Event Manager program offer a ‘start anytime’ study option. The Event Manager program has specific intakes throughout the year to foster a strong learning community and a more satisfying learning experience and outcome for our students. The learning community also encourages and supports networking opportunities from peers and Learning Facilitators.

What is a skill set?

Skill sets are single Units of Competency that are grouped together to form a specific area of knowledge and experience related to a defined industry eg event management.

In the case of Event Starter: we have bundled four Units from the Event Manager – Diploma course. These Units form a well-rounded foundation for further study in event management or the beginning of a career in events.

What is a Unit of Competency?

Nationally recognised courses are competency based which means that training and assessment focusses on the development and recognition of a person’s ability to apply relevant knowledge and skills to perform workplace tasks to a specific standard.

The specific skills and knowledge required are set out in Units of Competency. These Units can be grouped together to make up a skill set or a nationally recognised qualification. Each qualification has a list of skills, which describe the non-technical skills and competencies important for effective participation in the workforce.

To be deemed ‘competent’ in a Unit of Competency you must be able to provide evidence of the required skills and knowledge in a range of situations and environments over time. This evidence is usually in the form of an assessment.

What is a Statement of Attainment?

A Statement of Attainment is issued by a Registered Training Organisation to certify the completion of one or more Units from a whole qualification.


What are my career prospects after graduating?

Statistics show that the Australian events industry has experienced steady growth over the past five years and is expected to continue to grow well into the future. A strong industry coupled with the right practical skills and knowledge means that your employment prospects are excellent.*

We offer employment preparation and support and exclusive access to our in-house recruitment agency, Event Jobs Online. On completion of the course, CoEM qualification graduates are work-ready, well connected to industry and confident in their abilities.

* See information in the COVID-19 information section below.

Are your qualifications acceptable for entry into the events industry?

Yes. Employers of event management graduates are looking for people who can be immediately useful to their organisation. Our graduates possess strong practical skills acquired from an intense period of study combined with hands-on experience on real events.

You do not need a degree to be an event manager. CoEM certifications reflect the student’s achievement of relevant, job-focused, practical skills that meet the needs of our industry.

What kind of wages do event managers earn? 

Your employment outcome and remuneration will depend on the course you choose, your previous employment history and your age. Like most careers, your wages will increase significantly as you gain experience.

  • An entry-level Event Manager with less than 5 years of experience can expect to earn an average total of $56,000
  • An Event Manager with approximately 6 to 10 years of experience can expect to earn up to $100,000 and sometimes above.

Click HERE to see salary estimates from INDEED showing the average event manager wage.


The COVID-19 situation is rapidly evolving. We continue to monitor the state of the global and the local events industry and the impact the pandemic has on industry and the career prospects of students. However, the industry continues to demonstrate resilience and creativity and there is considerable optimism that a recovery will see a huge surge of activity in our sector.

What does this mean for current and future CoEM students?

We will continue to train students for job-readiness within the events industry. While the vast majority of course content remains unchanged we are reviewing our Industry Engagement Program (IEP) to align with the changing status of the events industry. Volunteer opportunities have become scarce over the short term and we are advising students to avoid taking on any volunteer work that may be put their safety at risk.

We are rolling out some new initiatives to support student learning experience and employment pathways.

The College remains confident that the situation will improve over time and volunteer and employment opportunities will return. We are already seeing encouraging signs. Some organisations are committing to the running of their events later this calendar year – e.g. Falls Festival and Splendour in the Grass. Venue bookings for 2021 are over-subscribed. The business events sector is expected to receive a significant package of government support as it moves to develop bio-
safe meetings and exhibitions.

For more general up-to-date information regarding COVID-19 please refer to the official government website 


What payment options do you offer?

We offer a range of payment options to make it easier for you to invest in your future. As payment options and amounts vary depending on your chosen course please refer to specific course pages for specific information or call + 61 2 9280 4912 to speak to a Course Advisor about your payment options.

Did you know that your education expenses are fully tax deductible? For more information CLICK HERE>>

Do you offer VET Student Loans?

While College of Event Management is an approved provider, we are currently not offering VET Students Loans. Please refer to alternatives for fee payment on specific course pages.



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