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Online graduate Kasy who studied the Diploma. The result? A total life changer!

It’s one thing to realise you want to make event management your career. It’s another thing to believe you can actually make it happen. In this post we meet recent online Diploma graduate Kasy, who studied events online then landed a fantastic event role only two months after her course finished. Employment success is always something to celebrate, but it was Kasy’s work ethic, open attitude to growth and solid self-belief (a little shaky to start) that really stood out and became for her a ‘total life changer’.

Kasy used to work from one pay packet to the next. She knew there should be more to a working life…like passion and fulfillment. She didn’t know much about event management so completed the Event Foundation short course which gave her an understanding of the workings of the event management world. That experience sparked that special ‘something’ that she knew she had to pursue. 

That’s a pretty nice goal and one definitely worth shooting for. Read our Q & A with Kasy to find out where she went from there…


Since completing the event foundation course with [College of Event Management] I’ve found that I want to keep pursuing this as a career and I want to be able to provide or produce an event that people are going to create the most magical memories and be able to enjoy themselves.” 

— Diploma graduate Kasy Batten


Where do you work and what is your position?

I’m an Event Assistant with the Aaron Sansoni Group.

How long did it take to secure a job in events after graduating?

2 months (insane to think). 


Starting with CoEM in 2020, during a pandemic, it was hard to predict whether studying Event Management would be worth it. Throughout the whole Diploma, the guidance and support shown from all of the College of Event Management leaders and teachers and all the little life lessons we learnt along the way (having to trust my own judgement) are the major things I’ve taken away from my experience with the college. Everything I have learnt has helped me get to the next stages of my career and not even two months after graduating, I am a week off starting my first a position as an Event Assistant.”

— Kasy talking about studying during the pandemic


Why do you feel you got the job over others?

They saw my potential and what I was capable of providing for their company.

What does a typical work day look like?

Here’s just some of my day-to-day tasks:

  • organising and planning event equipment
  • being team support
  • liasing with suppliers and contractors

How satisfied are you with your current role?

Extremely satisfied.

Highlight of your event career so far?

Travelling around Australia!! I honestly never thought  would be doing so much travel with my work.

What led you to study event management?

I’ve always had watch people thrive off what I can provide. I wanted to be part of the big moments and be able to say, “I did that.”

Did the college contribute to you securing your position? 

Yes! I don’t think I would have gotten my current job without studying with CoEM. 

What other valuable lessons did you take away from your course?

To trust myself and know that I am on the right track.

What was the best thing about the online Diploma study option?

It was great to study events online, especially with a career in events being the end goal. It was flexible and easy to maintain the work load. 

What does a future in events look like for you?

HUGE!! I can’t wait to put all of my knowledge into helping the events industry even more amazing!


Study Online for a Career in Events! Kasy is currently working as an event assistant around Australia. She is just one of our recent graduates from the Event Manager – Diploma program. At College of Event Management we offer a range of specialised event courses. Contact us for more information about the right course to equip you with the knowledge and practical experience to work as an event professional. 

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