What do you think of when you hear the term ‘online learning’? Do you automatically jump to the conclusion that it’s lonely, unsupported and inferior to face-to-face learning? Well, think again and expect the unexpected.

Developments in technology have made online learning a really viable and satisfying study option for those who need or want something other than face-to-face learning. Maybe you’re too far from your favoured campus. Maybe your family or work responsibilities don’t allow much flexibility for study. Whatever the reason it’s a valid one. And the great thing is, you can have an online learning experience that is no longer lonely, unsupported or inferior. Let’s see how.

Interactivity…or not

A common concern from people wanting to study online is that they’ll miss out on the interaction of a classroom environment. Online learning at CoEM means that you can be as interactive as you like…or not.

All CoEM courses have specific intake dates. Starting on the same day as everyone else and progressing through the course with your classmates helps to foster a close knit learning community. Much like a regular classroom, students are encouraged to interact with each other via digital discussions and audio webinars, a great way for students to contribute, to stay on track and to feel connected to others.

Some students take interaction to the next level by using a ‘study buddy’ system. That’s where a number of students log in at a scheduled time and complete their coursework together, just as they would if they were in a classroom setting. Students are often pleasantly surprised at the level of interactivity they can enjoy in a virtual classroom.

Don’t really care about interactivity with your peers? Online learning allows students to progress through course content at whatever day or night suits them as long as course deadlines are adhered to. Of course, a helping hand is there at anytime via a dedicated course coordinator, but the freedom to proceed when and where you like is perfect for those who need a less structured environment.

IT is your best friend

There’s nothing more frustrating and time consuming than having issues with your IT. With any online course, there will be IT requirements that you will need to adhere to. You won’t need the latest, greatest IT setup but you will have to make sure that your computer and its software is compatible with the systems used by your provider (us). Expect to be given plenty of notice regarding your IT requirements before the course begins so that you’re all set to go when the first course module opens.

Expect to learn via the most up to date and relevant ‘industry standard’ systems at CoEM. We regularly update our systems according to what’s happening in industry and in the wider world of online learning.

Time management

Many prospective students worry as to how to fit in all the requirements of their chosen course—volunteering hours, coursework, webinars etc—and still hold down their job. Well, there’s no point sugar coating it. YOU WILL BE VERY BUSY. But you will also find the course enjoyable, stimulating and loads of fun. Remember, you’re studying event management because you want to get OUT of your career and into another one that’s fast paced, exciting and at times full of pressure. The course is hard at times but so is the industry you’re trying to break into. Expect your time management skills to be well honed during your time with us.

What about practical stuff?

Just because you’re studying online doesn’t mean that all of your time will be spent on a computer doing coursework. Optional practical engagement with industry can be one of the most rewarding aspects of your CoEM experience. You can do as much or as little as you like but it’s recommended you take up as many real event opportunities as you can. Our Industry Engagement Program (IEP) will give you practical and meaningful event experiences to enhance the course content in a practical way. Expect to get your hands dirty and your passion heightened.

“If it wasn’t for the IEP program I wouldn’t have this amazing job, so it was extremely valuable! It allows you to experience the industry first hand, enabling you to network and create those contacts before you even finish the course.”

Lauren, CoEM Graduate

“It [IEP] was VERY useful! It gives you hands on experience in all aspects of the events industry and really gives you a sense of what area you want to pursue as a career. The more hours the better – and it’s so much fun!”

Ella, CoEM Graduate

The onus is on you!

As with any learning, it’s up to you as to how much you make of your course. Do the best you can without being too hard on yourself. Use your new found time management skills to establish and stick to a study rhythm. Find time to volunteer for at least a few event opportunities where you will be exposed to valuable industry connections. The more you’re able to immerse yourself in the course work, the more confident you’ll be when it comes time to look for the event management role of your dreams!

College of Event Management partners with Open Learning whose easy-to-use online learning platform is well designed, social and activity-based allowing for collaborative projects within a supportive learning community.

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