5 Reasons to ‘Up’ Your Event Skills Right Now

It’s no doubt that events people are great at learning on the job, it’s definitely part of an event manager’s job description! But with the increase in short courses and digital credentials it’s now easier and more beneficial than ever to add tangible and recordable skills to your resume. As our learning partners Open Learning like to say: ‘True lifelong learning is the new norm for the way we live, work and learn in a rapidly unfolding era of change.’ With that in mind, here are 5 reasons to ‘up’ your event skills right now.

#1 Increase your value and employability

As time goes on, we’re all seeing the benefits of being able to adapt and be flexible within our roles. Event people who have continued to grow professionally and remain abreast of new information, regulations, best practice etc…and have the credentials to prove those skills will be more highly regarded by employers.

#2 Future proof your career

There’s a lot of recent data which identifies the skills employers are looking for*. Interestingly the results are showing a shift in the way we think about jobs, careers and education. Soft skills such as decision-making and communication are coming to the forefront. This is a turn around from an exclusive focus on traditional hard skills such as technical know-how. Keep this information in mind when choosing to upskill. More about future proofing your career HERE >> 

* The New Work Order Report from The Foundation for Young Australians

#3 Fill the gaps in your skillset

We hear these kind of sentiments from event pros all the time:

I have the practical knowledge but want to back it up with a qualification.


My role is expanding. I would like to fill the gaps in my learning, progress in my career and gain a certification for my current skills.

As mentioned earlier, loads of event people can do many, many things. But sometimes those practical things can be difficult to display to a prospective employer. Filling the gap with some sort of credential will give a more holistic picture of your skills. 

#4 Growth through education is always a good idea

We all agree that education of any kind at any level is never a waste of time. It’s fundamental to our development. The more growth, the more advantageous our life position become and the more opportunities become available. Participating in one little webinar or workshop or short course has the potential to transform lives on multiple levels.

This course has given me a new perspective on how I can apply myself and my natural talents, to a situation and create incredible events and experiences with confidence and creativity.

See more about growth through education HERE>> 

#5 Opening up new networks

As we have just seen above, embarking on some upskilling or professional development can have many benefits. Another one we haven’t mentioned yet is the benefits of connecting with a larger network, hopefully with those that are like-minded.

We realise that this can sometimes seem difficult if you’re working or studying in an online environment but as time goes on, the opportunity for interaction between participants is improving all the time. Example: the Open Learning platform which includes an incredibly interactive course feed allowing students to experience satisfying online interactions.

There has never been a better time to ‘up’ your event skills. There’s so much on offer. See our suite of ever-growing short courses for event pros. Courses that will help you to increase your value, future proof your career, fill some gaps and grow your knowledge and career opportunities.

Did you know your education expenses are fully tax deductible? For more information CLICK HERE

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