Student Story: Alanna Deutrom

We love Alanna’s story. Why? Because it’s a perfect example of the importance of doing that thing which calls you to action, that thing in your head that just won’t let up. Read on for a tale of vision and sheer determination…

Before studying with us, Alanna spent most of her life surrounded by events via the music industry. She was a singer and the more exposure to events, the clearer the vision for her career became.

It was after being the event organiser and promoter for my own gigs, album launches and tours that I found a strong desire to pursue event management as a career. I wanted to create experiences that captivate and remain in people’s memories for life

During her time at college, Alanna loved the ‘hands-on’ aspect of the course and found it particularly valuable.

Being hands on and seeing what it is really like to work on an event gives you an incredible insight into how the events industry works. It also connects you with the right people and you get a feel for what area of events suits you most! The pressure we were put under at the college prepared us for what it’s really like in the events industry

Graduate Alanna standing on stage with mic addressing audience

Graduate Alanna taking to the stage

At the end of her studies, Alanna was lucky enough to be offered an internship by one of the college’s industry panelists. “After pitching my Major Project, [one of the directors] from event company Frank Wild offered me an internship with their company. What an opportunity! The people from Frank work a lot with the college recruiting volunteers and doing workshops with the students so without the college we would have never crossed paths.” When asked why she felt she got the internship, she replied, “I think I showed a genuine enthusiasm for the job, followed up like a crazy girl, and showed that I was willing to put in the extra work.”

While interning at Frank Wild, Alanna worked as a project assistant for the Ballarat Fashion Series. “I had never been to a fashion show and to work on one was so exciting! Plus the team were amazing and the contacts I made were priceless!”

event management college graduate, Student Story: Alanna Deutrom

Ballarat Fashion Series – Image courtesy The Trend Spotter

Since graduating, Alanna has proven to be quite the entrepreneur. She has started her own event company, The Couch Coach, a business that hosts evening events where speakers tell their fascinating career journeys to inspire others to do what they love. Recently, she interviewed non other than the music man himself, Molly Meldrum, an incredible feat for a fledgling business. Which just proves that once you set your mind to it, anything is possible.

Alanna’s bio on the Coach Couch website says it all, “At the beginning of 2016 I had a turning point and decided to change my whole life. I moved out, went back to school, changed by entire career path and I didn’t tell a soul about my plans. It was time to stop caring, stop proving myself to others and start actually chasing my dreams. Fast forward to now and I have a Diploma in Event Management, I work crazy hours to make sure The Coach Couch is everything I envisioned, and I don’t even complain about it. I love it!”

Alanna sitting on a chair on stage interviewing Molly Meldrum (also sitting on a chair on stage).

The Coach Couch

Alanna is now living her dream of becoming a successful event manager and business owner. Where can a qualification from College of Event Management take you? 

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