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Nurse to Event Manager…in Just 12 months. Meet Georgie, career changer, online Diploma graduate, new mum and now Event Manager with One Fine Collective

Georgie Panther is one of our newest batch of Event Manager – Diploma graduates. Her life has changed dramatically in the last 12 months, personally and professionally. Her reason for making so many heady changes is one of the loveliest we’ve ever heard:


After planning my wedding I thought, this is what I want to be doing forever!! I had been a nurse for 8 years and needed a change, something more fun and more creative. I’d spent 8 years helping people in their worst possible time, now I want to help them celebrate the best.”

— quote from Georgie

And now she is doing exactly that. After interning at One Fine Collective during her course, Georgie was in the right place at the right time when a permanent role came up. Working for OFC gives her the opportunity of helping not just one wedding couple at a time but as many people as come through the doors of one of OFC’s fabulous lifestyle exhibitions. See more about working in exhibitions here >>


We are loving Georgie! She has really hit the ground running and is honestly the PERFECT fit for OFC – she’s brilliant!! Thank you.”

— from the One Fine Collective team

So let’s hear from Georgie via her Q&A. She talks about nabbing a coveted role in the wedding sector and her particular study experience which happened to include having a baby right in the middle of it all. Introducing the fearless and fabulous Georgie P…

Where do you work and what is your position?

One Fine Collective, Event Manager

How long did it take you to secure a job in events after graduating?

I secured an intern prior to graduating and completed it around the time of graduation. About a month after that I secured a permanent position with the company I interned for.

Why do you feel you got the job (or internship) over others (be honest)??

I put in a lot of work during my course and I think that dedication and motivation showed through when I applied for the internship. Once I had the internship, I put my all into it which paid off when they were hiring for a permanent event manager.

What does a typical work day look like?

A typical day at the moment is work from home as the company is based in Sydney. We are currently organising our 2022 fairs so my time is spent organising suppliers, finding partnerships, talking with exhibitors and helping with floor plans!

Grad Georgie and work colleague in informal meeting with vase of flowers in foreground

Georgie and Alex, OFC Head of Ops planning details for next major OFC event


How satisfied are you with your current role?

Excited beyond belief

Highlight of your event career so far?

A highlight of my career so far was spending an amazing three days learning the ropes at my first ever real life event in December 2021!

What led you to study event management? 

After planning my wedding in 2020 I thought, this is what I want to be doing forever!! I have been a nurse for 8 years now and needed a change, something more fun and more creative. I’ve spent 8 years helping people in their worst possible time, now I want to help them celebrate the best!

Did the college contribute to you securing this position? If so, how?

Absolutely, it was through ETA (Event Talent Agency) that I was able to secure my internship and ultimately my permanent job!

While studying, how valuable was the Industry Engagement Program and why?

During COVID there wasn’t really much in the way of industry engagement, but the program is great for finding position, internship and volunteering opportunities.

What other valuable lessons did you take away from your course?

One thing I took away was just how broad the events industry is and that I actually like all of it! Originally I thought I just wanted to be a wedding planner but this course opened my eyes to all the different avenues you can go down as an event manager.

What was the best thing about the online study option?

Online study meant I was able to work while studying and was also super flexible when I had my baby halfway through the course. It meant while I was right in the deep of new mum life, I could still continue my study whenever I had a chance.

Do you have any advice for other event management graduates?

My advice is just give it your all, and show your passion!!!

What do you love about events?

I love that events bring people together. I love the happiness they bring to people and that feeling of being at an event or leaving an event and you feel so connected.

What does a future in events look like for you?

My future in events looks like a lot of fun I think!! It looks like going to work every day doing something I’m passionate about and absolutely loving it.


Georgie is just one of recent graduates from the Event Manager – Diploma programAt College of Event Management we offer a range of specialised event courses. Contact us for more information about the right course to equip you with the knowledge and practical experience to work as an event professional. 

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