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Event Manager – Diploma graduate Keane

People enrol in education for all sorts of reasons; to increase their employability, learn a particular set of skills, meet like-minded people,  change their careers and sometimes just out of interest. But can education transform your life? We certainly think so.

In most cases our students have chosen to study because they’re seeking employment in the events industry and require the knowledge, skills and connections to get there. But what are some of the unexpected consequences of education? What about personal growth, new ways of thinking, discovery, perhaps overcoming every day struggles?

In this new series, we’ll hear from graduates about their experience of studying, the challenges they faced and the outcomes they achieved.

So, can education really transform your life? Let’s find out by reading on for our latest Q & A with Keane.

Why did you decide to study?

After finishing Year 12, I began working as a food and beverage attendant for an event company. I’ve always had an interest in events and decided I wanted to progress my career in an exciting industry. I was also looking at making a change in my life to get to where I wanted to be in life. Moving to Sydney and studying an event management course was just what I needed. Looking back, I can say that the experience transformed me as a person in many ways.

What were you hoping to achieve?

Apart from learning all about event management, I hoped to build Industry connections while being exposed to a broad genre of events and opportunities than what I was currently being exposed to. The opportunities which the course offered assisted me with professional and personal development.

Did the experience of study transform you?

The Diploma of Event Management was the first course I took part in since graduating from Year 12. It encouraged me to push my limits and to work hard to achieve results. The experienced has made me more determined to achieve my goals. I have since gone on to study a Bachelor of Business Marketing while working full-time.

Is there anything you would like to add?

I believe education is a powerful tool in transforming lives and should be seen as an investment in an individual’s future. With the right training and support, the opportunities are endless. College of Event Management was the ideal option for me and the Diploma allowed me to further my knowledge in all aspects of events.

Keane is currently Owner and Digital Marketing Specialist at Fast Start Digital in Sydney.

Graduates from College of Event Management are job-ready! If you’re wanting to find out more about a career in event management there’s plenty of information on our website about our specialised event courses. Any of our course advisors will be more than happy to chat to you on 02 9280 4912 or you can contact us HERE >>

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