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Night head shot of Lynleigh, one of our featured online lecturers

Event Educator Lynleigh McPherson

Lynleigh McPherson is a vibrantly energetic and highly sought-after event professional with over 20 years of event management experience. She currently works on multiple high-profile events all over Australia. Which is why we consider ourselves super lucky to have her on the CoEM team. It’s always great to get the inside info on what’s happening in the events industry. So, we asked Lynleigh to give us the drum about what’s happening in her event world. And how she came to be an educator while retaining her event pro status. Enjoy the next instalment in our ‘Event Educators’ series…

I am very passionate about developing the future generation of event managers and really love seeing others grow in their chosen careers

How did you get to where you are right now?

I’ve had an extremely varied career in events. That has provided a well-rounded education ranging from:

  • design and branding
  • styling and major event design
  • catering and major hospitality events
  • experiential and immersive events
  • sales and business development.

This vast experience has led to a strong reputation in the industry. It allows me to consult in various event businesses as an industry leader.

What’s your speciality?

My speciality is to create immersive and engaging events that are influential for the brand…and adhere to the clients budget. Not an easy thing to achieve at times. What’s the best thing about being an event manager? Creating and developing strong event strategies and concepts that delivers exceptional ‘return on investment (ROI) for the client.

What’s the worst thing about being an event manager?

When problems arise at event that are completely out of your control.

What are the top 3 attributes of a great event manager?

Attention to detail – paramount for an event manager otherwise things start to unravel onsite pretty quickly. Budget management – tight budget control is essential for yourself and for your client. Solutions oriented – no matter how organised you are there will always be changes or incidents onsite. There is a need to think on your feet to find solutions for the client.

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What event are you most proud of?

The launch of RYOT. The relationship with the client was a true partnership. The team delivered an exceptional and unique event that was unlike anything seen in Australia before.

Why are you now teaching event management?

I have had some fantastic mentors in the industry that have really helped drive my career and ensured that I have stretched myself. Knowledge is key to any career and I love being able to pass on my knowledge and key learnings. I am very passionate about developing the future generation of event managers and really love seeing others grow in their chosen careers. I think that the college provides a very detailed and well rounded course. It really sets up students up for success and to enter the industry confidently. There is a great support from leading industry professionals and this exposure for the students is excellent.

The CoEM Team including Lynleigh outside favourite Sydney venue The Butler

Lynleigh with a few of her CoEM colleagues

How will our events industry evolve in the coming years?

I think that the industry has a great future ahead. Especially if we keep learning to adapt and insert immersive technology into our events. Doing that will provide insights and real time data. This in turn can record a great ROI and develop the message in the industry of how important events are to a company’s brand and sales initiatives. I also think that conferencing will be completely different and really start to adopt a strategy of how people learn and take in information. I hope that we also develop sustainable event practices that haven’t been thought of yet. And those ideas become a normal part of event life to assist in protecting our planet. Particularly around catering and menu options.

Which event management companies are you impressed with right now?

Here are 3 of my favourites. All are industry leaders known for their exceptional event concepts and well-oiled executions:

Lynleigh is currently a speciality subject teacher for our Event Manager program.

At College of Event Management we offer a range of specialised online event courses. Contact us for more information about the right course to equip you with the knowledge and practical experience to work as an event professional. 

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