Career Checklist – Why Event Management Could be the Career for You. 

Are you the one who finds yourself organising family gatherings? Do you find yourself ‘noticing’ how a particular event could be run with more efficiency or to greater effect? Are you unable to resist putting up your hand to assist with the details of a friend’s party?

If you’ve answered ‘yes’ to any of the above, event management may be the career for you!

Event management is an exciting and versatile career option that appeals to those who want more than a regular 9 to 5 role, those that have a passion for planning (obviously) and those who may have been organising for most of their lives (probably) and haven’t noticed that event management may even be a career option at all!

This checklist will help you to evaluate the ins and outs of an event manager’s role and whether or not a career in this particular industry is worth pursuing (or not). Read on for our Career Checklist…

1. Wanting variety in your job?

We’ve all heard the words in relation to event management that ‘no two days are the same’. Well, it’s actually pretty true. One day you may be planning a lavish wedding for a client and the next a corporate business event. When asked what a typical work day looks like for one of our graduates, here was his reply,

One day I’m at my desk, the next I could be at a client meeting or sales pitch, and the following I could be flying interstate to facilitate sponsorship execution at an event”

But the day to day is not the only thing that’s varied when referring to events. There is also variety in the types of roles on offer; operations, sales, sponsorship, technical production, admin roles and the list goes on. And what about the industry itself? Sectors include venues, festivals, sport, music, tourism, business and corporate events, brand activations and experiential events, conferences and exhibitions and roles within the government sector. What we’re saying is that if ‘variety’ is a non-negotiable in your career search, planning events could be a good fit.

2. Want to be the boss?

A career in events gives you the option of working for a small boutique organisation, a large government institution or anything in between. But if you’re wanting to up and start your very own thing, whether it’s freelancing or perhaps your very own small business then that’s an option too. Many companies now have their own in house event teams but there’s just as many companies out there who are outsourcing to large and small operators.

Alex Teirney, a CoEM graduate is a good example of someone who had an entrepreneurial streak that just wouldn’t quit. She had always wanted to be her own boss and that’s what she has achieved. See how she did it →

Video placeholder of Alex at Spring St Festival in Wagga

Alex Teirney chats about being her own boss in regional NSW

3. Like to mix work with travel?

Many of our graduates have ended up working internationally in event management roles. In most cases that opportunity was really an unexpected bonus, especially for those with a bad case of travel bug-itis.

Australian qualifications are highly regarded internationally and Australian event managers are in high demand because of their ‘best practice’ training and experience and their exceptionally good work ethic.

Take CoEM graduate Alicia for instance. She graduated from the Event Manager program, volunteered and impressed an international company in Australia. When she decided to travel, she contacted that company in the UK. There was a position available and the rest is history. See Alicia’s story here →

People in a large crowd cheering

Photo credit Ezra-Jeffrey

4. Keen for some creativity in your job?

If you’re creatively inclined, there is definitely a place for you in the world of event management. And while most people think of creativity as being the beautiful styling of a table, floral decoration or food presentation, there’s ample opportunity for creativity in unexpected places too. What about problem solving? Inevitably, problems arise from time to time within events, the more creative the individual or team, the more effective the solution. What about managing a team? It takes real creativity at times to deal with different personalities and situations that could make or break an event.

But if event styling in the traditional sense is your thing that’s great too. See what it’s like to work in event styling →

5. And of course, you’d enjoy abounding career opportunities…

As we’ve already mentioned, event management roles are interesting and varied. But what’s the scope of a career in the industry? Is it just for the young ones who can deal with the crazy hours? Answer being that the scope is huge and can accommodate many people of all different ages and types wanting different work scenarios from entry level right up the upper echelons of the industry. Sure, you might want to work on music festivals or venues in your 20s and that’s fine, but later on, a switch to the corporate or business sector might suit due to the need for more standard work hours. Really, opportunities within the event industry are limitless.

How many points did you tick on this checklist? All? Most? Then event management may be the perfect career for you.

At College of Event Management, we offer a range of specialised online event courses. Contact us for more information about the right course to equip you with the knowledge and practical experience to work as an event professional. 


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