So, what’s going on with the sleepless nights and the sick days off work? Could it be your current employment situation is getting you down? Well, you’re not alone. Studies indicate that 50-60% of all employees are dissatisfied with their current roles. Yet most people find it hard to put their finger on exactly why. Perhaps some time jotting down your thoughts might be just the thing to help you decide whether it’s ok to stay or best to move on. Read on to see our 5 steps towards future job satisfaction.

You’ll need a:

  • Notepad
  • Pen or pencil
  • Quiet space where you won’t be distracted
  • Your memory

(We know that notepads are almost an item of the past, but research shows that the act of writing on paper with a pen or pencil will actually give you a different or ‘truer’ version of your thoughts than drafting on to a laptop. And honestly, aren’t you always looking for an excuse to use that cute kikki-K notebook sitting untouched in your bedside drawer?)

Let’s get started shall we?

Step 1

Think back to every job role you’ve ever had. Go ahead and list them.

Step 2

Beside each job list these headings (start with the most important and end with the least important):

  • Duties – the types of day-to-day tasks that you were required to do
  • Colleagues – your work associates
  • Boss – the person you reported to directly
  • Company – the organisation you worked for
  • Remuneration – your wages
  • Hours – the time you were required to spend at work
  • Conditions – the environment you worked in

If this were a table, it might look something like this:

5 Steps Towards Job Satisfaction, 5 Steps Towards Future Job Satisfaction

Step 3

Rate each heading between 1 and 10 (1 being bad and 10 being great).

Step 4

Give each job a total score.

Once you’ve done this, you’ll see what you loved about a certain job and what you didn’t. If you loved the duties of one job, what were they? If you could do those same duties in a better environment wouldn’t that be something worth considering? If you’re thinking of starting a new career or considering a job change, use this checklist to determine if the job will be right for you by meeting your needs in as many of these areas as possible.

Step 5

Lastly, take the time to dream. Take your favourite thing from each job (there might have been nothing favourite with a few of them) and create your dream job. Don’t let practicalities get in the way and dream without limit.

We hope these 5 Steps will lead you towards greater job satisfaction. If you need any further help in career building Contact us for more information about the right course to equip you with the knowledge and practical experience to work as an event professional. 

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