Our Event Educators – meet Maree Kaltsas

There seems to be a few common threads that weave through the working lives of all CoEM educators; a true passion for events (obvious but still worth mentioning) and vast practical knowledge in a diverse range of skills honed over many years. Maree Kaltsas is no different. She has been involved in many sectors of the industry. Firstly in operations, then planning, production and project management with a strong focus on fostering strong and lasting relationships. Her interest in the development of professional growth and development led her to lecture at CoEM and we are beyond delighted to have her on the CoEM team! 

Event Inspiration

I have a place in shaping what the industry’s next professional/s will bring to the table. It’s exciting and rewarding to be a part of the larger process

Maree has worked with the like of Fourth Wall – A Collective of Creators, a wonderful organisation which brings together like-minded specialists “ensuring every project has the best people carrying out their best work with the best resources.” These connections ensure that Maree is inspired by others and remains up-to-date with industry goings on…great gifts that Maree is able to pass on to our CoEM students.

We asked Maree to give us her take about what’s happening in the event world, how she came to be an event manager and what important attributes are required to be a great event manager. Read on for her thoughts, tips and insights…

Can you give a description of your event career trajectory?

I started in the hospitality sector executing wedding and corporate events within operations teams. I moved into coordinator and planner roles building strength in managing key and quality relationships. Eventually, I moved into the production sector designing and coordinating shows, gala dinners, political, corporate and social events. I currently freelance with event agencies and consult and facilitate event management courses at CoEM.

What’s the best part of being an event manager?

The intensity of identifying and mitigating potential risk in built environments that create lasting memories. Understating, respecting and managing stakeholders to ensure a seamless execution in what can be a potentially chaotic circumstance. Above all, applying creativity, tactfulness and a commitment to your client to deliver a vision birthed by them and matured by your team.

What’s the worst part of being an event manager?

There can be some long hours, with that said if you love it the hours just slip away!

What are the top 3 attributes of a great event manager?

Empathy – Empathy must be applied as we often work within the realm of the ‘un-ordinary’. Applied understanding, respect and professional action sees ‘problems’ disappear and quality relationships built.

Creativity – Not just in the ‘colorful’ sense of the word, creativity will allow for quick thinking as well as the ability to ‘paint a picture’ and mould an inspiring event from a vision.

Leadership – Leadership drives progress. Events don’t happen without people and people need drive. By leading with your professionalism, passion and creative energy you can drive your team forward and toward a perfect event execution.

What’s your particular events speciality?

Creative conceptualisation and managing quality relationships: I love my specialties as they allow me to dream, plan and execute a client’s vision all whilst working with multiple parties. I love to meet and work with people, learn of their passions and realise them by applying my skill set. Watching your relationship with your client blossom and seeing them become more open and trusting of your work allows for artistic flexibility – the ultimate playground for the creative!

Why have you chosen to teach event management?

I enjoy the ‘human’ element of events because it enables me to ‘touch’ peoples lives and memories. Shaping others who wish to do the same and equipping them with the tools to do so is fulfilling for me. I have a place in shaping what the industry’s next professional/s will bring to the table so it’s exciting and rewarding to be a part of the larger process.

How do you think the event industry will evolve in the next 10 years?

I expect to see the world of stage production and AV transform and reach higher levels of creativity and entertainment.

Would you like to comment about College of Event Management?

CoEM is a fantastic place to learn and really grow beyond the common level of thought.

Maree is currently one of our subject specialists for our Event Manager program. Find out more about studying events HERE

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