What do our Industry Friends Love about Working in Events?

There’s plenty of things to love about working in event management; passion, working in a team, unique experiences, variety, job satisfaction, audience delight and the list goes on. But in a demanding industry, what is it that really keeps them going? We asked a few of our industry friends…

Black and white round head shot of industry pro Kathy Savill

Kathy Savill – Former Director of Sales and Events, Merivale Group

I love working in events because every second of the day is different to the previous. I work with incredibly passionate, inspiring and innovative people who don’t live by rules, but by boundaries. It’s inspiring to be around people who want to get better and better all the time.

Black and white round head shot of lecturer Gred

Greg Latham – Former Director, Alumni Engagement at University of Alberta

I get the biggest buzz out of managing events when the curtain goes up and I see the delight on the faces of the audience. It’s very satisfying seeing what I experienced when I first saw a band or artist – sometimes quite a long time earlier- come to life. I love that feeling when the audience cracks a smile, or sheds a tear just like I did when I heard them or watched that show. For me, that’s the magic.

Black and white head shot of event pro Patrick

Patrick O’Reilly – Director, Impact Exhibitions

It is exciting: anything and everything can happen at any time, it is intense and highly pressured and when the event is on the buck stops with you….. I love having potentially 200-500 contractors and stall holders relying on me to get everything right in an event that starts at 1am with road closures and concludes at 10pm when the roads are reopened with 130,000 people having been through and having had a great time without incident. Plus you get to start and finish multiple projects each year – every day is different.

Manager, Academy of Continuing Professional Development - Macquarie University

Leanne Bamford Barnes – Manager, Academy of Continuing PD – Macquarie University

The people. I have worked with some amazing men and women that have become life-long friends. Working in events means you are always working as part of a team which I really enjoy, it suits my personality. I also liked the fast pace and the dynamic nature of the industry, but it’s the people that I really love most of all.

Black and white head shot of Jon at an event

Jon Corbishley – Event Safety and Crowd Management Consultant

I love working in events because every part of the industry inspires me. Watching the excitement and the anticipation of people lining up with their tickets to see their favourite band. Feeling the atmosphere in the auditorium just before the band come on stage. Seeing the joy on the faces of people as they come out of a show singing all the way to the station or the bus stop. It’s the best feeling in the world.

Round head shot of Damian from T1000 events

Damian Negus – Head of Production, T1000 Events

I love the energy associated with events, particularly one like Electric Gardens, a summertime music festival, which I have been heavily involved in for the last couple of years. When you put so much personal energy into something, it becomes part of you.

Another thing I love about events is the potential to meet amazing people who you wouldn’t normally have access to. I once toured with AC/DC as the Assistant Tour Manager and Assistant Site Manager. Being ‘my’ band from my high school days, this experience has always been a stand out for me. To work with your idols is something I don’t take for granted and will be forever grateful.

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