What Do CoEM Students Love About Events?

It’s unanimous! Everyone loves events and none more than our CoEM students. But what do CoEM students love about events? Here’s what they had to say:

I love the atmosphere, the vibe and the creativity that goes behind an event and seeing how everything is executed and how and why it runs so smoothly.

Favourite event?
Melbourne Food and Wine Festival is my favourite time of the year. I love all the little mini events and dinners that are on in the city.

– Student, Melbourne

night time scene showing long tables, lights, people eating food as part of a food festival

Scene at an outdoor Food and Wine Festival

I love the ability to create an experience for a person and seeing months of planning come to life.

Favourite event?
Vivid Sydney and the Night Noodle Markets (I love food). Also, I have never been but I would love to attend the Starlight Foundation Annual Ball.

– Student, Sydney

I love the excitement, the passion, the controlled chaos of it all!

Favourite event?
Major music concerts.

– Student,Regional VIC

A TED X crowd listening to a TED X speak on stage

TED X Talks

I love to create experiences, especially events that challenge thinking and create positive change.

Favourite event?
TED Talk events and Vivid

– Student, Online SA

I love the organisation, planning and structure and watching it all come together.

Favourite event?
I enjoy a variety of events including expos, charity fun runs, and local government events.

– Student, Online WA

Aerial, night scene of final of Australian Open Tennis in Melbourne

Australian Open Tennis

I enjoy the variety and scope of events that cater for an ever changing and demanding society/community.

Favourite event?
Vivid Sydney, White Night Melbourne, F1 Grand Prix, Australian Tennis Open, AFL and NGV Special events.

– Student, Melbourne

I enjoy being able to experience and discover new things around your city. Also being around people that enjoy something as much as you do in an environment that embraces it.

Favourite event?
It changes all the time but probably food and wine festivals.

– Student, Online QLD

Attendees walk around the Dark Mofo Festival at night. Red lights everywhere

Dark Mofo Festival – Tasmania

I love the wide variety of different events opportunity to be with friends when they are well organised and run.

Favourite event?
Dark Mofo. I like the way that it promotes Tasmania to the rest of the country along with the fact that it’s different each year and there’s always something for everyone.

– Student, Melbourne

I love the diversity of events and that an event can range from small community engagement to a global scale event. I love the fine details and being able to see how so many things come together. Mainly I love seeing people engage with and participate in events that they are passionate about.

Favourite event?
Probably Charity events for causes that are close to my heart and that benefit those in need. Also, any food wine or dessert event that involves creative delicious foods and amazing interiors and spaces.

– Sydney Online Student

Festival crowd under beautiful colourful art installation

Rainbow Serpent Festival

I love the anticipation leading up to an event! The hype is always infectious.

Favourite event?
Music festivals, hands down, specifically Rainbow Serpent in Victoria. It’s a beautiful, sustainable and easy-going festival while always involving the attendee at every turn.

– Student, Regional VIC Online

I love the opportunity to intensively work on a project that joins different members of the community, from performers to audience members, and activates local culture.

Favourite event?
Markets and arts/film festivals

– Student, Sydney

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