Someone somewhere brilliantly decided to extend their table at lunch to accommodate more than 8 people – and an event trend was born! The Long Table Lunch idea is one that has become a guaranteed feature at any food and wine festival. Or for that matter, any community food event as well. It’s a great way to bring a large group of people together relatively easily, and can be brought to that next level by an amazing location and some top notch table styling. A long table lunch is also a highly Instagram-able and Pinterest-able affair, a big plus for any event! Enjoy reading about this week’s Tuesday Trend: The Long Table Lunch.

Outstanding in the field photo montage

Outstanding in the field long lunch events

Outstanding in the Field

As popular as the long table lunch is, there are some incredible examples of ingenuity and originality that exceed all others. Introducing American organisation Outstanding in the Field. These guys have taken the long table lunch to the next level. Their mission is a great one: ‘bringing table to field’. Specifically, they aim to reconnect the diner with the source of the ingredients and the origins of the food they consume. They also honour the local farmers and food artisans who cultivate it too.

Outstanding in the Field drive their bus around the country to set the tables in some of the most beautiful locations you might hope to ever see. Most of the time, diners eat within metres of where the produce is sourced and enjoy the menu of a local celebrated chef.

Recently, Outstanding in the Field came to Australia, specifically Byron Bay in NSW! What a privilege and treat for those of us lucky enough to break bread at a long table that day!

Montage of photos relating to Leichhardt Long Lunch Sydney

Leichhardt Long Lunch Sydney

The Leichhardt Long Lunch

A community celebration featuring long communal tables, food and wine stalls, artist, artisan and quality merchandise stalls. Plus fabulous entertainment and cooking demonstrations to boot. Held in one of Sydney’s renowned ‘foodie’ suburbs, this family friendly event is a great day out. You certainly won’t leave with an empty stomach!

Photo montage of Worlds Longest Lunch - Melbourne

Worlds Longest Lunch – Melbourne

World’s Longest Lunch at Melbourne Food and Wine Festival

This one is always a highlight at the Melbourne Food and Wine Festival. Last year 1600 lucky diners were lucky enough to enjoy a delicious 3 course meal from renowned Melbourne chef, Guy Grossi at the World’s Longest Lunch. All around Victoria long tables were set up to host lunches which coincided with the main event; from Phillip Island to Ballarat, 24 long table lunches simultaneously celebrated the delicious produce of the particular region. Ambitious and exciting, this event is now an annual part of the Festival calendar.

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