Ready for a Career Change? 3 Steps for an Easy Transition.

So, you’ve been in your job for the last couple of years but the thought of staying there for a couple more makes you feel more than a bit queezy and quite sad at the same time. So maybe it’s time to pursue something that will make use your best attributes and will be satisfying and stimulating. An idea that you feel passionate about and keep revisiting time and time again. Maybe you’re ready for a career change.

We realise that a career change can be a difficult transition to make and can feel overwhelming. With that in mind, we’ve identified 3 steps for an easy transition from one career to another:

1. Do your homework.

Go and find out whether your proposed ‘new’ career is really for you. If you’re thinking of a career in event management or event planning why not volunteer for a few different events? Example: if you volunteer for a music festival but can’t deal with the fact that you’re on one side of the fence rather than the other, it’s probably not going to work. On the flip-side, if you love the feeling of being part of the festival event team, if you’re happy about putting in the extra hours and putting your hand up for any old thing, if you love to see all the hard work come together in the end to make a bunch of people really happy, then there’s a good chance that event management could be an option for you.

2. Talk to industry people.

Create a list of at least four or five industry people you have at least some slight connection with e.g. your mum’s best friend. Try to include people that have experienced all sorts of different roles in different areas. Set up a time for a quick coffee or time for a chat on the phone. Ask them simple questions like, ‘How did you get to where you are now?’ ‘What qualification, if any, do you think in need to have?’ Once you have some first hand experience from a bunch of people that have been there and done that, you can formulate a clear career map of your own.

3. Be bold.

Go ahead and start something. Research some appropriate courses and ring a few educational providers to speak to their guidance officers. Research some event management companies and see what kind of events they produce. Here are a few of our favourites:

Or work backwards by looking at the events you love and research the event companies who have created them. You’ll be surprised that even the smallest move in a certain direction will somehow have a snowball effect and get you moving in the direction that you’re supposed to be moving. You’ll be glad that you did!

Start doing your homework now! Who knows, it could be the beginning of a brand new career path…

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