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AFW Runway Show

Australian Fashion Week showcases some of Australia’s best and brightest fashion designers. It’s a favourite event with CoEM students, some of whom like to volunteer as part of the practical component of their event management course. It’s a great place to watch, learn and proactively get involved in the running of one of Australia’s premier fashion events.

All voluntary involvement for Fashion Week is organised through Miro Door an organisation who claims to be ‘the unofficial doorway into the Fashion and Event industry.’ They have some pretty impressive connections so it’s great for us to have a steady relationship with such a well connected mob…thanks Miro Door!

Check this vid of what it’s like to be a MiroDoor volunteer. It’s a few years old, but still completely relevent.

Time to get a little insight into what the busy week was like from Kimberly and Jessica, two CoEM graduates who did some volunteer hours at a recent MBFWA:

What was it like being behind the scenes at MBFWA?

It was a very busy but very valuable experience. We let our backstage manager know that we were event management students, and she was more than happy to accommodate us. Because we were event management students and not ‘fashion’ students we were placed in senior volunteer positions which was great and much more relevant to what we were studying at the time.



What were some of the tasks that you were both assigned throughout the week?

During the week we were assisting the head dresser for ‘The Box’ runway, making sure all the models arrived on time, assisting the designers to make sure all garments were organised for shows, and that all 15-20 girls were through hair, makeup, tanning and nails before heading to the runway.

We also helped out with the setup before Fashion Week started. Liaising with the head dresser, bumping in and out collections for shows. Making sure all of the garments were ready and that the designers had everything they needed. It was a pretty crazy week but really enjoyable too.

Congratulations Jess and Kimberley for a job well done! Opportunities like working in the events team at MBFWA don’t come along every day. We’re sure the memories of your experiences will linger for a long time. Who knows, you may be organising your own fashion events one day in the future!

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