Event Managers give their younger selves advice

For the benefit of our readers, most of whom are involved with events or are soon hoping to be involved in events, we thought that it would be beneficial (and a good read) to ask some of our extremely wise and experienced industry friends…”What’s one piece of advice you would give to your younger event manager self?”


Jon Corbishley – Event Safety and Crowd Management Consultant

“Learn to recognise an opportunity when it’s presented to you. Grasp it with both hands and don’t let go. The really good opportunities generally only come around once in a lifetime. Don’t be the person watching others having the best time in the most amazing industry while you’re thinking ‘if only’.”

Mandi Ford

Mandi Ford – Director, Essential Solutions

“At 25 you don’t know everything, at 30 you still don’t know everything and at 40+ you are still learning. To strive to be the best event manager, you constantly learn something new from every job. Even if you have a job that doesn’t go to plan, the key is that you learn from that experience and it will make you a better event manager.”


Kelly Abeleven – Building Biology NSW

“Believe in yourself…take your passion and make it happen!”

Belinda Collins

Belinda Collins – Creative Event Director, The Social Crew

“Don’t be afraid to put your crazy ideas on the table. Once you feel confident, you’ll be surprised how refreshing it is for clients to see that you are presenting something a little less mainstream.”

Megan Peters

Megan Peters – Senior Event Producer, International Productions

“Don’t sweat the small stuff – there is a solution to everything. You just need to find it.”

Emma Walker

Emma Walker – Founder, She Went Wild

“Be confident and network more. There is seriously nothing better than meeting someone who believes in you and wants to help you out. For this you need to be confident, and I always lacked that when I was younger. I knew I was capable of the job, but didn’t have the confidence to let others know it. Get out and meet as many people as you can, it’s of great benefit to you to know as many people in the Industry as possible.”

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