College Connections – our TOP 8

Here at CoEM we’re ever keen to forge meaningful and professional connections between our students and the best event companies in the industry. For higher employability, students need loads of practical ‘on the job’ experience. On the other side, our industry needs keen event management students to help run their events. When the two come together, it’s a WIN/WIN!

So who are these college connections? They’re some of the biggest and best in the business. And over the years have become educators, colleagues and employers for CoEM graduates. Read on to meet our Top 8 College Connections…

Connection #1 Belle Laide Events

Belle Laide Events (BLE) has had a cracker last couple of years; winning awards, growing their client base, moving into new swanky offices and taking on larger and more complex events like the incredibly successful and award-winning TEDx Sydney. All of this while demonstrating extraordinary levels of passion for what they do. We’re really happy to have them as one of our newest college/industry connections.

Graduate Michelle Ono started at BLE as an intern while she was studying her event management course. She impressed the team with her natural ability and high skill level. Next minute Michelle was offered a full-time role.

BLE has given me the opportunity to work on a variety of events such as stand activations at large-scale conferences, a roadshow for a finance company’s end of year client events, large cocktail parties, product launches…

Read more about Michelle’s event career HERE >>

College Connection - Belle Laide Events

BLE Sydney Office – Image courtesy of The Design Files

Connection #2 IMG

IMG is a huge global company specialising in event management, marketing, operations and sponsorship. They own culinary events such as the Taste Festivals in Sydney, Melbourne and Perth and Margaret River Gourmet Escape in Western Australia.

Many CoEM students have both volunteered and interned on Taste Festivals while they were studying their event management course. They have found that ‘behind-the-scenes’ experience at food and wine festivals is incredibly beneficial in terms of practical application of event course work.

As time goes on, food and wine festivals are becoming more and more popular on event calendars all over Australia and consequently becoming bigger employers of event staff. Having these types of experiences on a graduate’s CV helps considerably with employability.

Volunteering at Taste was a highlight. Being a part of the event day is a great way to learn on your feet and experience first hand the different difficulties and tasks that have to be overcome to run an event smoothly – Caitlin, Event Manager Graduate

student volunteers in black TASTE T-shirts

IMG – Taste Festival

Connection #3 Reed Exhibitions

Ever heard of Oz Comic-Con or Better Homes and Gardens Live? Ever been to a boutique trade show such as Life In Style, Beauty Expo and Online Retailer? Even if the answer is yes, you probably have no idea of the organisation responsible for the ideas and execution of these wonderful consumer exhibitions. Let us introduce Reed Exhibitions, the world’s leading organiser of exhibitions and trade shows and one of our longest standing and valued college connections.

Whether you attend them or not, exhibitions and trade shows are super important; they keep the world of face-to-face trade and business alive and more relevant for us, they keep employing well-trained event management graduates, including ours!

Read more about a career in exhibitions and trade shows HERE >>

Connection #4 Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras

Many CoEM students have volunteered on this festival over the years, but recently the CoEM/Mardi Gras connection went to a whole new level. Our event management course students were invited into the ‘sacred’ festival control room. You can’t get more ‘hands-on’ and ‘behind-the-scenes’ than that!

Sure, it wasn’t as glamorous as what was going on outside. No sign of glitter or sequins. But it was an absolute privilege to have CoEM students with their fingers on the pulse (literally) of one of Australia’s most iconic and famous annual events.

college connections, College Connections – our TOP 8

Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras

Connection #5 Marc Edward Agency

Our next featured industry partner is Sydney based Marc Edward Agency (MEA). Why MEA? That’s an easy one. The relationship we have with this particular agency are on many levels.

MEA often need an army of workers for their events. And they employ many casual staff to work as brand ambassadors, promotional staff, professional educators and hospitality staff. These roles can be perfect for students who need some casual work that is relevant to their event management course and relevant to their career in events.

Other reasons why we love MEA:

  • MEA gives back to industry.
  • Instrumental in setting up a direct intern program for chosen CoEM students.
  • Support for ‘best practice’ event management training and professionalism in the industry.
  • Encourage bright and enthusiastic event management graduates.
  • Give their time to foster strong industry relationships.

Read more about our connections with Marc Edward Agency HERE >>

College Connection - Marc Edward Agency

Brand Activation by Marc Edward Agency

Connection #6 T1000

For those students whose dream it is to work on music events, the news of a new college connection with T1000 was music to their ears.

The connection with T1000 is strong. Head of Production and Senior Event Manager of T1000 Damian Negus is a former guest lecturer and member of our industry panel. When Electric Gardens started up in Australia a few years back there was no hesitation as to where T1000 would find interns and volunteers for the festival. It’s been a match made in electronic music heaven ever since.

I was offered a job during my Major Project Pitch and started the position (with T1000) within 6 weeks of graduating. The highlight of the job was working on Electric Gardens, a new Australian boutique Music Festival produced by T1000. The event day was the most stressed I have ever been in my life but the most rewarding and exciting work day I have ever had. What also made the day so amazing was the opportunity to work with such an incredible and professional team straight out of college  – Hannah, Diploma Graduate

college connections, College Connections – our TOP 8

Electric Gardens by T1000

Connection #7 Cattleyard

Who the hell came up with the name Groovin the Moo for a music festival? Cattleyard, that’s who. And for those in regional areas of Australia it’s not just a great name, this festival has become a major highlight addition to their event calendars and brings local and international artists to places that generally ‘miss out’.

That’s the thing about Cattleyard. They’re ethical in their approach, collaborative in their dealings and thoughtful with their offerings. That’s why we’re excited that Cattleyard are on the College of Event Management radar.

Since our Industry Engagement Coordinator Bonnie reached out, Cattleyard has offered a variety of practical experience to our students; volunteering opportunities in WA, an internship for Newtown Festival and to top it off, an Event Assistant role for Bunbury Groovin the Moo!! This email came in recently from Lisa, a current online student in WA,

Groovin the Moo have just offered me an Event Assistant position in Bunbury WA. This is a huge step up from this year’s internship.

college connections, College Connections – our TOP 8

Image courtesy of Cattleyard Promotions

Connection #8 Fairfax Events

Fairfax Events has grown to be one of the biggest event organisations in Australia, particularly in the areas of sporting events and food and wine events.

With a portfolio of sporting events that includes the City Run Series as well as iconic events like the Australian Running Festival, SMH Half Marathon, Cole Classic and Sun Run; Fairfax Events is a leader in mass participation outdoor running and swimming events. These events collectively attract more than 250,000 participants.

Fairfax has been a stellar connection. Over the years we have placed many students in volunteering and internship roles. For example, Christina, a past graduate worked in an internship with Fairfax Events. Not only was she working on pre-event preparations for the SMH Half Marathon, which she found “totally inspiring”, she also got to work on-site during event time. The feedback from Fairfax was excellent and Christina was offered a full time role upon graduation. Another WIN/WIN!

Graduates from College of Event Management are job-ready! If you’re wanting to find out more about a career in event management there’s plenty of information on our website about our specialised event courses. Any of our course advisors will be more than happy to chat to you on 02 9280 4912 or you can request a call back HERE

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