College Connections – Cattleyard

Who the hell came up with the name Groovin the Moo for a music festival? Cattleyard, that’s who. And for those in regional areas of Australia it’s not just a great name, this festival has become a major highlight addition to their event calendars and brings local and international artists to places that generally ‘miss out’.

That’s the thing about Cattleyard. They’re ethical in their approach, collaborative in their dealings and thoughtful with their offerings. In essence, the reason people get into events in the first place is to bring a heap of joy to as many people as possible. And while some companies become lost in the fog, these guys have stayed true to the vision and are definitely in it for all the right reasons.

It’s the values that shine through on a Cattleyard Promotions project that sets the organisation apart – supporting those who support you, working with integrity, leading with passion, encouraging inclusivity, welcoming diversity and being accountable to team members, patrons and partners alike

And that’s why we’re excited that Cattleyard are on the College of Event Management radar.

Since our Industry Engagement Coordinator Bonnie reached out, Cattleyard has offered a variety of practical experience to our students; volunteering opportunities in WA, an internship for Newtown Festival and to top it off, an Event Assistant role for Bunbury Groovin the Moo!! This email came in recently from Lisa, a current online student in WA, “Groovin the Moo have just offered me an Event Assistant position for Bunbury 2019. This is a huge step up from this year’s internship.”

And here’s what NSW on campus student Jorgen had to say about his internship,

Cattleyard were great to work with. Really accommodating, really inclusive. I was invited to sit in on stakeholder meetings and when we were bumping in the Festival event they gave me huge responsibilities by letting me take care of one whole zone of the festival. All-in-all a great experience.

We are so excited and grateful for these opportunities that give our students such great on-the-ground experiences. And great to see that Cattleyard are grateful too. Here’s just a part of their appraisal regarding Jorgen’s time with them, “Jorgen was exceptional team member. We feel lucky to have had him on board with us and can’t wait to see what he achieves going forward.”

And we can’t wait to see what else Cattleyard achieves in the future either. Here’s to another great year of collaboration coming up.


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