Can education transform your life? – Q & A with CoEM grad Bridget

What lead you to study event management?

By 21, I had made it almost halfway through a university degree that wasn’t challenging or exciting me at all. I was incredibly uninspired and unhappy, particularly with the way that universities can feel so big and impersonal. I  wanted somewhere that would truly care about how I was learning. I have always loved the way events, small or large, bring people together. I was encouraged by friends to try and somehow pursue a career in event management. I was honestly shocked to find that there was a college that provided this course that was so specifically what I was looking for. I am forever grateful I stumbled across it in an edition of Frankie magazine one morning!

What were you hoping to achieve by studying?

I wanted to find a course that was fast paced, hands on, had a small cohort and was led by teachers who were truly experienced in the profession. I absolutely found this (and so much more) at CoEM!

Do you think that the education has transformed your life?

This course has given me a new perspective in a number of areas. How I can apply myself and my natural talents to a situation. And how I can create incredible events and experiences with confidence and creativity.

I was always encouraged by the lecturers. They are not only extremely talented but incredibly personable and approachable. As clichéd as it sounds, I’ve grown as a person. For me, it comes down to being challenged and supported by the college as I studied my course. I am about to move into a new role in next week. I can honestly say I have a certain confidence in myself that can only come from knowing I’ve been taught extremely well by absolute professionals.

What else did you get from the experience of studying?

The college has given me the direction towards a career path I am excited to wander down. It also brought me together with some people I now consider incredibly good friends, which really just tops off the fantastic experience I had at CoEM.

education transform your life, Can education transform your life? – Meet Bridget

Bridget is a perfect example of someone who’s life has been transformed by the right kind of education. Since graduating, Bridget secured an event development role at the Royal Agricultural Society of NSW. She then moved over to the position of Leadership and Events Coordinator with Grain Growers Limited

Graduates from College of Event Management are job-ready! If you’re wanting to find out more about a career in event management there’s plenty of information on our website about our specialised event courses. Any of our course advisors will be more than happy to chat to you on 02 9280 4912 or you can request a call back HERE

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