2018. Let’s make it a positive one!

We promise you that this blog post IS NOT a list of New Year’s resolution suggestions. This one is all about getting your positive thoughts, plans and vibes on now, so when 2018 hits you’re ready to go with a healthy dose of the good stuff.

Let’s talk about positivity for a minute. What is it and why is it good for you? Positivity “is the process of creating thoughts that can transform energy into reality.” 1 In other words, through your positive actions and thoughts, you (yes, you) can create a more positive life. Being positive helps to make your goals, whether personal or professional, seem that much more achievable.

But how can those ideas translate into planning your moves? Easy. Here are 5 easy tips to tap into your most positive self. Once you’ve established the habits (and the benefits), your actions, including your plans and goals for the New Year will be coming from the right place rather than one of desperation.

Tip 1: Be grateful

Unfortunately, as Australians we’re prone to having a bit of a whinge about most anything we can think of. Of course life can be a b**ch for all of us at times, but if you think about it, in nearly every situation there is something to be thankful for. Acknowledging at least two or three things to be grateful for every morning­ – a person, an object, a situation – can really set up your day to be the best it can be.

Tip 2: Just do it

‘It’ may mean jotting down some dreams or career ideas in a journal. ‘It’ may mean researching all the career roles that you are most likely to be happy in. ‘It’ may mean seeking out some advice from an old friend or recommendation. ‘It’ may mean researching a bunch of courses that you might need to achieve a dream. What ever your ‘it’ is, big or small, start it today.

Tip 3: Take little steps

Once you’ve established what it is that you’re wanting to achieve – let’s stick with career stuff for now because that’s what we’re good at – put the end result on paper. Note: think as big as you like and be as creative as you like! Once you’ve got the big picture, cut it down into bite size pieces.

Example: One day I would like to be on the Olympics organising team. Great, so how might that happen? Research the career trajectory of some Australians who have had the roles that you could see yourself doing. Did they study? Where did they start their career? How did they progress? Your plan might take 5 years and looking at it all at once might seem daunting, but once you break it down into smaller chunks, the plan will seem much more achievable. And don’t be discouraged if your plan doesn’t go exactly the way you expect. Life often throws obstacles, so stay positive about being flexible.

Tip 4: Exercise

‘Nough said.

Tip 5: Build a support network

People need people. You can’t do it all alone and if you try you will become overwhelmed and sad and start to hate what you’re doing. There are lots of people out there with special talents that will help you achieve your goals. Don’t be afraid to give them a call and ask them stuff. They’ll probably get a kick out of helping you.** Having great people around you, particularly those that are positive themselves, is one of the most positive moves you can make. It will enhance your life personally and professionally.

** Help others.

This is an extra tip that we’ve thrown in for good measure. It’s amazing how liberating and positive it is to help people. We’re not suggesting that you dedicate your life to making others happy, but the odd random act of kindness such as saying a simple ‘hello’ to a lonely looking person or baking a cake for a friend can make all the difference to someone’s day.

We have a lot of students coming through the door of our College. We have observed over and over again that those that remain positive and have a more definite vision of where they’re going are the most likely to get there and have the most fun doing so.

1 https://leadingpersonality.wordpress.com/2013/03/15/what-is-positive-thinking/

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